Sri Tulasi Mahimamrta



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Srimati Tulasi Maharani is the birth place of bhakti. She is like an extremely affectionate and merciful mother. If we accept this simple truth, we can very easily advance in spiritual life and be situated at the lotus feet of Krsna. Thus we can purify our contaminated desires to enjoy this material world and fix ourselves in our natural constitutional position as the eternal servant of Krsna- Jivera svar upa haya krsnera nitya dasa. Tulasi is very easily available to everyone and by glancing at her or meditating upon her in our mind one can immediately be purified. Srimati Tulasi, in her both the forms (Tulasi plant and Vrndadevi) thus helps us attain the shelter of krsna’s Louts feet.

This book ‘Tulasi Mahimamrta-The glories of Sri Tulasi’ describes the divine qualities and greatness of Tulasi. Every devotee who is fully engaged in the service of Krsna must be aware of these glories of Sri Tulasi and also dedicate oneself in her service. Her glories are described in various Puranas. Srila Prabhupada and his disciples have explained them by means or their writings. This book is the compilation of all those teachings. This is our humble attempt to glorify Sri Tulasi so as to develop taste in her service, which is the most desirable objective.

No. of pages:- 260, Softbound, Language:-English

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