A Heart Beats In Us – The Same As In You

A Heart Beats In Us – The Same As In You


Available: instock

A Heart Beats In Us – The Same As In You


Available: instock


Human society is becoming increasingly heartless. Apathy and desensitization are growing and compassion is decreasing all over the world. People simply do not care about one another the way they used to. Today, we are more self-absorbed and self-centered than ever. When people see some one dying or getting killed right in front of them, they don’t even so much as wink an eye.

In 2011 a security camera video caught a terrible scene in China. A toddler was wandering in a narrow street and was hit by a van. The van stopped, then moved on while the rear tires slowly rolled over the young girl’s legs. She lay there screaming, but many people just walked by.Minutes later, another van ran over the toddler without slowing down. People continued to walk by unfazed, and motorcyclists rode around her barely moving body.
Finally, some 10 minutes later, a woman came to her aid and got help.

In another case, a school girl was sexually assaulted in a New  York alley by a group of young students. The passers by, instead of helping or calling the police, joined in and the assault went on for hours.
In another instance, a woman who had been raped pleaded for help from a passer-by, only to be told: “I’m going to do the same thing to you.”

Many accident victims die on the roads as no one helps out or even calls for help.
When human heart can grow so cold to fellow human beings, what concern it could possibly show to other living creatures. No wonder, the planet has turned into a giant meat grinder and the animals are being treated in the most horrific ways you can imagine.Robert Tizon says, “I would rather have eyes that cannot see; ears that cannot hear; lips that cannot speak, than a heart that cannot love” The world has lost its heart and it needs to search it out.

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