An Italian did What British could not

An Italian did What British could not


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An Italian did What British could not


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May 2004 marked a significant movement in indian history when a newly elected government decided to accord highest priority to beef consumption and export, making it  truly a national initiative 

India is known all over the world as a peace loving country. it is a historical fact that india  has never attacked any other nation and has always believed in philosophy of peaceful coexistence.

it is also probably the only country that provides the animal care in its constitution. Animals are mentioned something more than just food.

Each citizen is enjoined to care for and preserve nature and its creatures.

Co,passion and non- violence formed the core belief of the all the religions that originated from thid great land.

Traditional Indian or Vedic way of life teachers respect for all life forms.

In there view, all living beings are born of mother nature and have a equal right to life. Indeed, in Vedic conception, animals are treated like innocent children and are meant to be given all protection.

But suddenly India’s nation policy took a U- turn when a particular political party came to power. I t was significant movement  in the history of great nation.

Website of the ministry of Food Processing Industries Stated;

There is an urgent need to frame a right strategy for the development of meat and poultry production in the country. This will certainly bring prosperity to millions of our rural citizens and create employment in rural India. Having achieved the Green Revolution, the white revolution and the Blue Revolution, it is time ti ask the question can the pink revolution be far behind?  Certainly this will require large investment in infrastructure, mainly  in cold storages, and modern meat processing plants. Without a strong and dependable cold chain, a vital sector like  meat industry, which is based mostly on perishable products, cannot  survive and grow.


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