Know Your FOOD

Know Your FOOD


Available: instock

Know Your FOOD


Available: instock


by Dr. Sahadeva dasa

Ask any child where their food comes from, and the chances are he or she will say the supermarket. And most adults don’t know a lot more about how food ends up on their plate either. We have taken food for granted. It’s a mistake for which we are paying dearly. Food doesn’t grow on supermarket shelves. According to United Nations, a disease tsunami is sweeping the world. Humanity is dying out. This is the result of our deep ignorance about our food. Food processing and health care are now multi-trillion dollar industries.

Profit-seeking leeches have realized there is lot of money in making people sick and then selling them fancy healthcare plans. We have taken these merchants of death as our well-wishing friends. Eating has become a very complicated affair. It is not supposed to be a rocket science. Even the birds, beasts and insects know what to eat. They have no scientific institutions or research organizations.

Time to be enlightened about what we put in our mouth is now. We are digging our grave with our teeth, day in and day out. When will we pull our heads out of the sand and see the reality we face? If you don’t have good health, the other things like food, housing, transportation, education and recreation don’t mean much. At least a dozen studies a day are being rolled out to further confuse the already confused public. This book may have some definitive answers to our dinnertime dilemmas.

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