Lost time is never found

Lost time is never found


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Lost time is never found


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by Dr. Sahadeva dasa
Time needs your tender loving care because it is a unique, irreplaceable resource. Taking it for granted would be your undoing. Time is not found on supermarkets shelves in case you need an extra supply. There are no vending machines even. There is no place where you can buy or hire extra time. Neither you can pull it out from the last year’s stock.

As the Sun sets on the horizon, your day is gone and as the Sun rises in the east, your night is gone. Gone means gone for ever, never to return. There are many things in life which go and come back but time is not one of those. When something is in short supply, you look for a substitute.

Everything in the world has a substitute except time. Nothing can replace time or take its place. Time is a universal ingredient. Everything requires time. Here again there are no exceptions, no shortcuts. Everything is produced in time, stays in time and perishes in time. Time is cruel. It shows no mercy. When time is up, it’s up. A poet says, This thing all things devours Birds, beasts, trees, flowers Gnaws iron, bites steel, Grinds hard stones to meal, Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountain down! Respect the sheer power of time. And do it before your time’s up.

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