Memory Game (56 Cards)

Memory Game (56 Cards)


Available: instock

Memory Game (56 Cards)


Available: instock


CONTENTS: 56 Pictures cards of Krishna’s Memory Game.

Game Setup
Shuffle and spread the Cards by facing the pictures down.

Arrange cards in 8 rows of cards across and 7 rows down.
Using 56 Cards(28 pairs) or divide the cards(14 pairs),
and form 7 rows across and 4 rows, for beginners.

Players should pick up any 2 cards and reverse them so that all players can View the picture.

Game Instructions
Players take turns to the left. Reverse any 2 cards, so that the picture is visible to all.

A MATCH: If the Player is Picking 2 cards Which are identical or same personalities then that player can take those 2 cards. Player can continue until he or she misses.

*A MISS: If the player is picking 2 cards which are different personalities then those 2 Cards need to be placed in the same place & manner. By this way players can test their memory where exactly they can locate similar Personality cards. That player’s turn ends and all players try to remember which cards were turned over, for future play. The game continues until all cards have been matched and removed. All Players then count up their matching pairs.

The player who has the most pair of matching cards win.

This is an excellent practice for developing concentration and memory skills. Just set up the game as described above, using any number of pairs, and count the number of turns it takes you to match them all. Try to improve with each game play.

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