World through the eyes of Scriptures

World through the eyes of Scriptures


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World through the eyes of Scriptures


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by Dr. Sahadeva Dasa

Mahabharata says, “Ordinary men see through their eyes, cows see by smell, kings by spies and the learned men see through the scriptural knowledge. We think of the world as we do. In fact the world is different than the ways we see it.

Most of our paradigms are inaccurate because we do not have all of the information. We think we do, but we don’t. When we receive additional or new information, it often causes us to rethink and change our paradigm.
Challenge your assumption about yourself, others, situations and things. The world transforms as you transform yourself. The key to personal effectiveness is to change our paradigms, our assumptions, our way we see the world.

A young couple moved into the house next to a church compound. A few days later, the pastor’s wife called the pastor into the kitchen. She was peering out the window. “Look at out neighbor hanging the wash out on the line. That laundry is still dirty! She must be the newlywed who doesn’t know how to wash clothes properly. Maybe she’s not using enough laundry soap.”

The pastor urged his wife not to say anything, but the next week, sure enough, the neighbor’s dirty laundry hung on the line again. And again the following week. Every time the pastor’s wife peered  out the window, she saw her neighbor’s dirty laundry hanging on the clothesline.Then one morning as she scurried around getting breakfast, the pastor’s wife exclaimed, “Look! She finally got the clothes clean! I wonder who helped her?”

The pastor smiled and said, “Honey nobody helped her. I just got up early this moring and cleaned our windows!”
Similarly we need to rinse our mind and intellect in the light of transcendental knowledge. In Vedic terminology it is known as ‘cheto darpana marjanam’, cleansing the mirror of heart and soul.

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