Sri Manah Shiksha (570 Pages) (Srila Raghunath Das Goswami)


Manah-shikshahelpsus make sure our compass is set to the right direction, and our heart is attuned toto the mood of the spiritual world. It allows us to recognize the increasingly subtle thieves and traps on the path, and employ counteracting measures, finallyshowing us how the fully illuminated and humble soul enters into lovingperfection. In This book,we learn about affection and attachment so we can gaingenuine love of ourselves and others. Through respect and integrity, we escapethe pitfalls of arrogance and deceit. These verses are a complete step-by-stepguidebook on the inner, esoteric path of spontaneous love for God.RaghunathaDasa Gosvami liberally used metaphor, poetry, and literary ornamentsto unlock your full potential. Bhaktivinoda Thakura has instructed, ?Shri Manah-shikshahas laid down a systematicprocedure for one to enter into and become absorbed in the pastimes of ShriShri Radha-Krishna; one should follow it without guile.? Each of Raghunatha DasaGosvami?s verses is followed by commentary by Bhaktivinoda Thakura?bothproseand song. This edition is the first time his song commentary has been published in English. The verses and Bhaktivinoda?s commentaries are richly illustrated with over a hundred drawings by various international artists. Additionally, this volume contains commentaries by contemporarysenior practitioners of bhaktiyoga from around the globe: Jayadvaita Swami,Shivarama Swami, ShacinandanaSwami, Bhaktivijnana Goswami, and Urmila DeviDasi. Their extensive commentaries delight and entertain while inspiring andclarifying. They easily enable the modern reader to put this classic book intopractice in today?s world.


Language – ENGLISH


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